Trimou is a Mustache implementation written in Java. Since version 1.5 a helpers API inspired by Handlebars.js is also included. The goal is to provide a simple to use and easy to extend templating engine for any Java SE or Java EE application.

There are some ready-to-use extensions which provide integration with CDI, Servlets, PrettyTime, HtmlCompressor, google-gson, Spring MVC and Dropwizard.

Don't forget to check the documentation and the example web application.


Trimou is available under the Apache License 2.0.

Latest version

The latest stable version is 1.7.1.Final.

See also the changelog. A list of upcoming versions is on the Road Map wiki page.


The latest documentation is available here.

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Where to get it?

All the artifacts are available in the Maven Central Repository: Maven Central

Source code

The source code is available at GitHub:

Continuous integration

Travis CI job build status:


The place where to file a bug or a feature request:

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